Hermalinda arrived at a ChOSEN project in Montemorelos in hope of recovering her sight after

two years of blindness. She had supported herself as a seamstress for most of her life until her

vision became so impaired from cataracts that she could no longer see to thread a needle. She

depended on her family for financial support. After successful cataract surgery from ChOSEN,

she exclaimed (translated from Spanish to English), “I am very happy and so thankful to God

more than anything for giving me the opportunity to be here and have an operation! I am very

grateful that God touches people’s hearts to have compassion on us that need it. I am so

thankful to God!” When asked how her vision was doing after surgery, she responded

(translated from Spanish to English), “I am seeing perfectly fine now.  I had lost my vision for

over two years and now I see again.  They restored everything I lost, the colors, people, their

faces, the cars, the streets. Truly I could not see any of that before and now, I am so grateful,

that I can see it all! And they’ve given me a better quality of life. Now I have the opportunity to

see and be independent. And above all, go back to work.” Hermalinda started threading her

needle again.