Alfonso was brought by his son Alejandro to a ChOSEN project in Montemorelos to seek help

for his profound vision loss in both eyes. For over 5 months, Alfonso had been unable to work

and support himself due to his poor vision from cataracts in both eyes.  Alfonso’s cataracts were

so advanced that he was unable to navigate across a room on his own accord and had to move

in with Alejandro to assist him with basic daily activities such as eating and going to the toilet.

Neither Alfonso nor his family had the money to pay for medical care. After receiving cataract

surgery free-of-charge on both eyes during the very same day of a ChOSEN project, his vision

was completely restored. When asked how he felt about his “new” eyes, Alfonso exclaimed

(translated from Spanish to English), “I feel very happy and joyful for how I have been helped

and the vision that I have been given back in both eyes.  Thanks to God in Heaven! I feel very

grateful.”   Alfonso was able to work again to support himself and live independently.