We seek to cultivate relationships in impoverished communities and countries in order to build medical capacity for those most in need of sight restoration. We believe the most effective way to accomplish this goal is by ophthalmic surgery project development in established, well-equipped facilities in fixed locations, working side by side with the local community and even government authorities. Patients are pre-identified prior to the initiation of a project and transportation is prearranged to the established eye surgery facility at a given time. With the help of local health care workers, preoperative and postoperative care for eye surgery patients can be organized and rendered. The ChOSEN directors acquire the surgical materials and select the qualified medical staff according to the volume of surgery anticipated for that project. In this way, we are able to closely replicate the environment of surgical suites in the United States while in the foreign mission field and provide our mission patients with the latest technologies and techniques from highly-trained and experienced eye surgeons; we are grateful that our foreign mission patients can typically expect to attain similar postoperative outcomes to patients in the United States. We also provide education and training to the local healthcare providers that work alongside us. 

   At the present time, we are focused on further establishing the Hospital La Carolta in Montemorelos, Nuevo Leon, Mexico as the principal site of operations for ChOSEN projects. We have completed most of our past projects at that location and have acquired the necessary surgical equipment and relationships to run future large scale eye surgery projects there. We graciously rely on volunteers and generous monetary donations to further increase our footprint of Christian service in this area of extreme need.